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Face to Face


14 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 4 NOVEMBER 2023

 Pilot Gallery is hosting the second solo exhibition of M.K. Perker, who is one of the most important actors of the international cartoon world that is entitled “Face to Face”. The exhibition which will open on September 14, can be visited at Pilot Gallery until November 4.

“Face to Face” draws its inspiration from faces. Perker interprets the portrait, an art form dating back at least 5,000 years, with his unique approach. While keeping track of time, these portraits, some familiar and some fictional, pursue the information behind the face. It opens the door for us to evaluate the impact of faces on us, many of which are a unique part of popular culture.

The depth of a portrait is hidden in the details that bear the identity of its owner. When we look at the portrait of a familiar face, we open a window into that person's world. If this face belongs to someone who is notorious in his field, this time the story is layered; other characters and connotations are included. When we look at the portrait of Frida Kahlo, the traces of Diego Rivera appear. If we look at Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's face, we see a slice of the fairy-tale world of the Little Prince. Can Yücel's portrait reminds us of the streets of Kuzguncuk. Each unique line on a person's face speaks about that person, and when we begin to pay attention, the layer of fog of obscurity that fills the room is broken up; these portraits become short stories.

Perker's works, which he has produced for more than 30 years, bring together the past and the present, creating a unique open space where the imagination pushes the limits. With his unique approach and works inspired by various disciplines, Perker presents a popular culture mosaic that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. With his works inspired by a wide area, Perker touches on various aspects of popular culture and brings a new approach to his practice by blending traditional illustrator practice with contemporary expression. Perker's work presents audiences both a familiar and innovative experience, thereby expanding the boundaries of art and immersing audiences in their imaginations.

Perker says; “Working with black and white is always misunderstood, it is perceived as if working with two colors. After all, there are two colors, but when working with black and white, only one color, black, is used. White is already there. Sometimes white is devoured, sometimes by using crosshatches, black and white compromise and patterns are formed. I liken it to sculpture. Two dimensions become three dimensions with the inclusion of an unacceptable color. When the painting is completed, a colorful world emerges using only black.” about the works in his exhibition.

For nearly 30 years, M.K Perker has built a world of his own with the works he has created using ink on paper. These works sometimes carried a mystical atmosphere, sometimes reflected a fairy-tale atmosphere. He skillfully balanced the oppositeness, creating uncanny and intriguing narratives. The original technique he developed has matured and deepened over the years.

M.K Perker's "Face to Face" exhibition can be seen at Pilot Gallery until November 4.