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Earthlings and the Space Problems


15 SEPTEMBER 2018 - 20 OCTOBER 2018

Pilot Galeri is pleased to present Kubilay Mert Ural's solo exhibition “Earthlings and the Space Problems” between 15 September and 20 October.

Kubilay Mert Ural’s works open a window into the desires, frustrations, and ultimately needs of our contemporary moment. On an infinite and open-ended loop, they remind that chaos and order are identical. Sometimes they tell an incomplete story, and other times they feel like they just popped by… Each one is a quest, an encounter. They take you back to the markers you left in the desert in order to retrace your steps, they revisit a souvenir from imagined worlds, objects from a journey to one’s childhood, or feelings of the first man who left a handprint on a cave wall.

Ural presents an imaginary museum at the crossroads of disciplines, times and emotions. The objects and works in the museum don’t fit into a single category, but they get into dialogue with each other and us. An unidentified object pops up in the frame, the camera moves from one room to another, the subject shifts between gender, locations and circumstances. Ural speaks of colonialism; he compiles words borrowed from the new pop culture vocabulary. His visual narratives confront the classical painterly rules; sometimes they appear just on the surface, and other times they exist in a two-dimensional universe. The tragicomical -almost cartoonish- scenes, inhabited by ghosts, Internet’s black holes, cat videos and Donald Trump set the tone for Ural's unlikely world. The chaos appears extremely rational in all of his installations.

About the artist

Kubilay Mert Ural (b. 1986, Istanbul) lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied performing arts at Istanbul Bilgi University, and applied arts at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. He is currently an artist-in-residence at Rijkakademie Amsterdam.

Kubilay Mert Ural moves across mediums from painting to sculpture to video and installation, in order to explore and express the fluidity that results from it. He is also a musician, a director and he had curatorial projects. Recent group exhibitions he contributed to include Meeting the Universe Halfway, Missing Persons and the other supernatural phenomena, Jeunes Artistes Contemporains de Turquie. His ongoing projects will be on display at Rijksakademie Open in November, at Ellen De Bruijine Projects in April and at Art Basel in June.

XO, 2017, pastel on fabric, 200x300 cm